Dine in at our restaurant or call (323) 344-8696 to order a whole pie for pick up. Click here for a PDF of our takeout menu.


Choose your size   14" medium / 18" large
Gluten free may be substituted for an additional $2 (med. size only)

Start with a Cheese pizza with organic tomato sauce or...
substitute Follow Your Heart vegan cheese   $1  / $2 

Premium Cheeses   $2 / $3
goat cheese, gorgonzola, ricotta, fontina, cotija 

Premium Sauces   $2 / $3
pesto, mole



Meats   $2 / $3
house made Niman Ranch pork sausage, pepperoni, roast pork, bacon, prosciutto

Veggies   $1 / $2
cherry tomatoes, white onion, corn, beets, fresh jalapeño, quick pickled jalapeño, black olives, kalamata olives, mushrooms, green bell peppers, figs, pineapple, fresh garlic

Premium Veggies   $1.50 / $2.50
roasted garlic, caramelized onion, garlic-sautéed mushrooms, house pickled red onion, roasted red pepper  

Herbs & Greens   $1 / $2
spinach, basil, arugula, rosemary, cilantro